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On the Right Track – Not

On the Right Track Survey Near the end of May many of you would have received a “on the right track…” survey questionnaire from Michael Barrett, Conservative MP for Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, Ontario, and if you  do not live in that riding, from your Conservative Member of Parliament. The following is my email

The Spirit and the Addict

……..and the rain was cold, driven by the wind howling through the dark, dirty alley, biting her skin, soaking her ill-fitting cloths.  The shallow doorway provided little protection as she huddled, cold, wet and fragile, pulling her knees tightly against her chest for a bit of warmth, but more so for that tenuous feeling of

Ontario Education

Ontario Education, Oh My! March 26, 2019 Apparently students in the Ontario Elementary and Secondary Public School system, according to reports, are not faring well in standardized tests compared to the results of either previous years or global achievements. The Ontario Government has a solution.  Increase class sizes, reduce the number of teachers, restrict access

Health-Care, We Care, be Careful!

I have to admit I was asleep at the wheel at the onset of this one.  On day two of Premier Doug Ford’s reign, a Saturday of a long weekend no less, a brief news release slithered out of Health Minister Christine Elliott’s office declaring the Progressive Conservatives will fix the OHIP program to make


In an era of neanderthal bullies, social media news experts and anything that does not support my opinion is fake news, the reinforcement of ethics is paramount. One particular sentence in a Smiths Falls Record News editorial, referring to expunging the record once a sentence was served, resonated with me: “It would be irresponsible to

Politics before People

Politics before People                                                                                                                                                                                                       If I may paraphrase Casius in his coercion of Brutus in the time of Caesar, “ the fault, dear citizens, lies not with the government, but with ourselves for we elect them”. Oh the cheers and jubilation, the wailing and handwringing, and the apathy that is being displayed at

Comments re Announcement of People’s Health Care Act – Feb 26, 2019

A Confucius quote begins, “If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant…”.  This could never be more true than the language contained in Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott’s press conference introducing the new Ontario health-care system. There are many examples of government-speak in the announcement and I will not

“Never 2 Young” ~ Colorectal Cancer Knows No Age

September 28, 2018 10:03 AM EDT                  Nathan Denette / THE CANADIAN PRESS TORONTO — Ryan Halladay was 39 when he began noticing blood in his stool. Doctors he visited over the next few months weren’t too concerned, dismissing the bleeding as likely being caused by hemorrhoids. A trip to the ER for pain caused by

“Our Story” – The Halladays

March 7, 2018 Wouldn’t it be nice if “our story” was just one about our marriage, our children, our life together and our family .. but “our story” also involves cancer. Colorectal cancer that my husband has been fighting for 3 years. Ryan was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in March 2015. He was

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

How often have you quickly formed an opinion of someone you just met?  You probably were totally blown away by them, you really didn’t like them, or you were simply ambivalent and quite frankly couldn’t care less.  All reasonable and understandable reactions and feelings I am confident in saying that we have all experienced.  Have