VOTE 2019

Written Wednesday October 15, 2019 Clinton Halladay

King Lear, a tragedy written by William Shakespeare and first performed in 1606, centres on King Lear’s flaws: his arrogance, his ignorance and his misjudgements, each of which contributes to the other.  The moral of the play is “actions speak louder than words”.  Albeit having been penned over four hundred years ago, it aptly underscores our political climate of today.

In a matter of hours, we will determine what party will hold the most seats in the House of Commons and by default, the next Prime Minister of Canada.  Since the Writ dropped on September 11, 2019, we have endured an endless onslaught of lies, accusations, half-truths, outlandish promises and denials from our want-to-be “leaders”.  At the “leader” level, very little constructive discussion has focused on the issues and concerns of the people of Canada.  Buoyed by the social dysfunctionality by governments in the United States, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec, some of the federal candidates are immersed in the same quagmire.  They have chosen to attack the other candidates rather than rise above the fray and stand for, and explain, their vision for Canada.

Our “X” is more important on October 21, 2019 than at any other time in recent history.  What do you, what do we, want for Canada, the World, ourselves and our children?  Make your mark.  Make your voice heard.  Our vote may not directly elect the next Government of Canada, but it will send a message! 

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