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On the Right Track Survey

Near the end of May many of you would have received a “on the right track…” survey questionnaire from Michael Barrett, Conservative MP for Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, Ontario, and if you  do not live in that riding, from your Conservative Member of Parliament.

The following is my email response to the survey as, although I believed a response was warranted , I could not in good conscience use taxpayer money, MP correspondence is postage-paid, to register my comments.

Other views are welcome.  Clinton Halladay, Elgin, Ontario


‘michael.barrett@parl.gc.ca’                                                                                         Wed 29/05/2019 3:56 PM


Mr. Barrett.  I recently received your survey asking if you were “on the right track working to end the cover-up”.  Rather than waste additional taxpayer money, my money, on your prepaid postage, I am responding by email.

Sir, you are definitely on the WRONG track. You and your party are squandering untold amounts of taxpayer funds jousting at windmills that will, of their own accord, topple. Your continued bashing, complaining and mudslinging will do more harm than sway the minds of any voter who cares.  I stand for neither of the main political parties as neither has, over history, lived up to the promises to, or expectations of, the citizenry.  I make no inference of support when I point out that at least the current prime minister faced the onslaught and did not prorogue parliament and hide as the previous one did when things got tough.

Unfortunately the Federal PC Party is following in the footsteps of Mr. Ford, Mr. Trump, Mr.  Kenney and others who are proving to either not possess the ability, or are unwilling, to understand complex issues.  Their echthrocratic form of governing is, sadly, mirrored in your party’s federal approach.

Brand loyalty is important; however, not in all instances.  Being on the bandwagon is immaterial when the wagon is in the wrong parade.  As our elected official, your primary focus should be the people of your constituency and, by extension, of Canada, not the banks and corporations.  Listen to the regular voter, not the money.  People matter.

Thank You


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