In an era of neanderthal bullies, social media news experts and anything that does not support my opinion is fake news, the reinforcement of ethics is paramount.

One particular sentence in a Smiths Falls Record News editorial, referring to expunging the record once a sentence was served, resonated with me: “It would be irresponsible to simply erase what happened from the record.”   This statement sums up the basis upon which history, our learning journey, is and should be based.  In society today individuals, organizations and factions are clamouring for the omission of unsavoury historical facts, the tearing down of statues and the defamation of key people that formed who we are. Our history is neither bad nor good, neither saintly nor evil.  It is a melange, a huge melting pot of both and at any given time the bubbles boiling to the surface are of a different ilk.

Ethics involves questioning, looking for and protecting our ideals, beliefs and purpose.  It’s about discovering our true values and staying with them regardless of the challenges, quirkiness and insanity of the world around us.  Sometimes it is fun, sometimes rewarding, but it is never easy.   If we let ethics guide us we can sort out history, not erase it, and apply our learning to today in such a way that moving forward we build a future to be proud of.

Ethics is, and should always be, a fundamental tenet of humanity.

Other views are welcome.

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