Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

How often have you quickly formed an opinion of someone you just met?  You probably were totally blown away by them, you really didn’t like them, or you were simply ambivalent and quite frankly couldn’t care less.  All reasonable and understandable reactions and feelings I am confident in saying that we have all experienced.  Have you ever thought to delve into this often knee-jerk perception and figure out why?  Are these feelings reactions or reflections?

Well we are more like mirrors than you might think.  Others are drawn, perhaps subconsciously, to reflect your inner self back to you, and you do the same for them as well. Reflections!

When we look at other people, we see many of their qualities in innumerable and seemingly random combinations.  However, the qualities that we see in the people around us are directly related to the traits that exist in us. “Like attracts like” is one of the spiritual laws of the universe.  We attract individuals into our lives that mirror who we are. Those you feel drawn to reflect your inner self back at you, and you act as a mirror for them.  Simply put, when you look at others, you will likely see what exists in you.  When you see beauty, divinity, sweetness, or light in the soul of another, you are seeing the goodness that resides in your soul. When you see traits in others that evoke feelings of anger, annoyance, or hatred, you may be seeing those parts of yourself that you have disowned or do not like.

Because we are all mirrors for each other, looking at the people in your life can tell you a lot about yourself.  Who you are can be laid bare to you through what you see in others.  It is easy to see the traits you do not like in others.  It is much more difficult to realize that you possess those same traits. Often, the habits, attitudes, and behaviors of others are closely linked to our own unconscious and unresolved issues.

When you come into contact with someone you admire, search your soul for similarly admirable traits.  Ask yourself, “what do I possess that emulates this admirable trait”?  Likewise, when you meet someone exhibiting traits that you dislike, accept that you are looking at your reflection and work on changing it.

Looking at yourself through your perception of others can be a humbling and eye-opening experience.  You can also cultivate in you the traits and behaviors that you do like. Be loving and respectful to all people, and you will attract individuals that will love and respect you back.  Nurture compassion and empathy and let the goodness you see in others be your mirror.


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